The word intent can be defined as “purpose.” When interested sales prospects take online actions, they are telling a story. This story and its digital footprint gives us rich insight and hard evidence into the intent of a company and the members of the buying team.

This wealth of online data is the basis to uncover companies who are actively displaying intent behavior and the ability to qualify leads by where they are in the path-to-purchase. The watering holes they visit and the content they consume lets us read the customer's digital body language and understand their specific needs and pain points. 

The result is a highly effective and efficient marketing platform that will drive and convert more leads, increase sales velocity and surprisingly - lower your marketing costs.

What's the Value?  Forrester says that the first vendor to engage an interested prospect wins the deal over 85%+ of the time.

85%. Think about it.

When organized, classified and made accessible, buyer behavioral data offers significant competitive advantage to those who can mobilize and engage target accounts as they enter and begin to navigate their buying journey.

OK, How Do I Use It?

With the right data, processes and expertise, you can use web behavioral data to validate and prioritize your Named Accounts. This step is a common missing link in many Account Based Marketing programs and missing capability in many ABM solutions.

This process requires only your Named Accounts, web behavioral data and an in-house team-member or service provider who can source and use the data.

With your Named Account list in hand, you will want to select three filters:

  1. A time frame – the last 30-90 days for example, to confirm recent interest.
  2. Specific keywords or phrases – to confirm relevant interest.
  3. A list of web sites monitored – to confirm quality and integrity of the signals.

For more, see this post from our friends at The Big Willow: “Questions to Ask Your Intent Data Provider”