The advertising/marketing agency business continues to be hammered by changes and innovations in how media is distributed and consumed. Media commissions have dried up, out-of-the-box and DIY products and solutions have commoditized many of the traditional service offerings. Even in-bound marketing, the last greatest hope has become a mature, cluttered and increasingly ineffective tactic.

Harvest Strat provides agencies a platform that focuses on the metrics that really matter to your client's C-suite - customers, revenue, profits and ROI. We've been on both sides of the desk and can say with confidence that our platform is the most effective tool available to help you provide value and results to win and retain business. BTW, we can also identify potential new, in-market clients for you - giving you the chance to reach out and hopefully avoid those lengthy and expensive RFPs. 

We can work with you on a "white label" or a "powered by" model. Whichever works best for you - our objective is to form long lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships that give you a strong competitive edge.