Harvest Strat and the Peak Harvest platform work with publishers to get a better understanding of their audience composition, demographics and purchase intent. These insights help to optimize content, extend your audience most importantly monetize your inventory and data.

Every day, publishers are collecting valuable data from their readers. However, the vast majority of publishers lack the ability to process this data and simply toss it off as industrial waste data. The Peak Harvest platform digs in and uncovers the valuable nuggets of information within to turn trash into treasure.

We identify in-market consumers, their needs and where they are at in the sales funnel. This greatly expands the potential for publishers to offer customized content that is highly relevant to targeted readers. With a higher degree of personalization and customization, you can be producing, publishing and placing through the line CRM and dynamic publishing on behalf of your clients.

As we will be tracking your readers as they journey across the web we will be uncovering non-endemic related segments where your readers index much higher than the general population. This can bring in new clients and revenue from sources that up to now have been getting little or no interest or buy-in.