PEAK HARVEST offers an “outside in” look that reveals buying signals
from across the entire web.

More than one billion times a day the Peak Harvest Platform combs the web to uncover:

Who is actively in market for your product or service
What they are in market for
Where they are - both in the sales funnel and their geo-location down to Zip 9
Why they are in need, with insight into their specific needs and pain-points

Girl Spire

The Peak harvest platform is a new and unique digital disrupter - not to be confused with other commonly used analytics.

Peak Harvest tracks consumption by devicesnot cookies. This is a major point of difference as the era of ad-blocking and mobile devices has rendered cookies increasingly ineffective.

Intent data is so much more powerful than standard ad metrics such as likes, opens, page-visits and ad clicks. These analytics only measure siloed events, Peak Harvest uncovers and tracks the full customer journey.

So, just to be clear, we are NOT:

  • Cookie dropping re-targeters
  • Google or SEO analytics
  • PII hackers
  • Social trackers
  • Ad slackers selling likes, clicks or other meaningless metrics

The Peak Harvest Platform uncovers real-time, behavioral-based, buyer-intent-signals culled from ad networks, publishers and other sources that allow our clients to see the Total Interested Market (TIM) for their products and services.